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The magical Kingdom of Morocco offers a unique mix of products that add old-world charm to any home, edgy and unique pieces to your fashion collection and world-renowned products for your beauty regimen. Whether you are looking for handcrafted leather goods, tuareg jewellery, argan oil, tajines, lighting accents or other uniquely Moroccan products, Exhibitor is your online souk.

The items we carry are part of the living heritage of Morocco. Ancient techniques have been used to create these products that have been handed down from the the Malaam – the Master Craftsmen of old — down to the current generation of makers. We engage in fair trade and ethical practices to protect the welfare of these artisans.

As former locals of the Kingdom, the proprietors of Exhibitor have extensive knowledge of the best districts to source different products from. We travel extensively throughout the different regions — from Marrakech to Erfoud — to find the best items that truly represent the culture and heritage we would love to share with New Zealand and the rest of the world.